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Raychem HFT5000 1/2"
Raychem HFT5000 1/2'

Raychem HFT5000 1/2"

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Part Number:SH HFT-5000-12/6
Raychem HFT5000 Highly Flexible Heat-Shrinkable Woven Fabric 

Minimum Expanded ID as Supplied 12MM [0.47IN]
Maximum Recovered ID After Heating 6MM [0.24IN]

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures one of the world s largest ranges of heat-shrinkable tubing that provides cable protection, insulation, environmental sealing and strain relief. HFT5000 heat-shrinkable fabric with a 2:1 shrink ratio is a halogen-free product, woven from polyethylene/ polyester materials which provides excellent abrasion resistance for components such as rubber hoses, plastic pipes and harness wiring bundles. The tightly woven filaments promote flexibility and easy installation onto irregular substrates such as bent hoses, yet provide resistance to trapping water, heat and humidity

Features and Benefits 
Heat-shrinkable, to grip substrates tightly without additional fixing 
2:1 shrink ratio for easy installation onto substrate diameter transitions 
Highly flexible woven construction for easy, compliant installation onto irregular substrates 
Low shrink temperature for safe installation onto heat-sensitive substrates 
Provides abrasion resistance over a wide temperature range 
Resistant to harsh environments 
Easily cut with standard industrial cutting equipment 

Temperature Rating 
Operating Temperature Range (3000 hours) : -40°C to 125°C 
Operating Temperature Range (1000 hours) : -40°C to 150°C 
Minimum Recovery Temperature : 80°C 
Minimum Full Recovery Temperature : 110°C 

Standards and Specifications 
UL (E199379) Rated at 135°C