To get a discount on Non-MoTeC parts, the process is easy! Simply follow the below steps and you'll get your discount immediately upon completing the minimum buy-in!

Compile an email with the following information, and send it to [email protected]. We will confirm the information you've sent and approve your account.

1. Send in 5 current Trade References
2. Include a copy of your business license and/or FEIN
3. Let us know what type of business you run (retail store, automotive shop, website retailer, etc.)
4. What market do you focus on? (Military, racing, automotive, stereo installers, etc.)
5. What brands of hardware do you sell and/or install? (MoTeC, AEM, Racepak, Kenwood, etc.)
6. Send in at least one photo of the outside and one photo of the inside of your business.
7. Spend $2500 at the retail price level on within a 6-month period.

We offer wholesale/trade accounts 25% off on most non-MoTeC branded supplies after spending $2500 with us over a 6-month period. 

A $2500 annual sales minimum is required, or your account will be moved back to retail pricing.

The discount level will be applied on the first order that reaches the one-time minimum.

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