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RaceGrade Hall Effect Paddle Switch (Single)
RaceGrade Hall Effect Paddle Switch (Single)

RaceGrade Hall Effect Paddle Switch (Single)

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Part Number:RG PADDLE

RaceGrade Paddle switches are a compact solution for back-of-steering wheel placement. Suggested uses include up-shift, down-shift or other driver activated functions.

Switches feature:
Non-contact Hall-effect switching for consistent long term reliability and repeatability.
Crisp, distinct operating feel by the use of strong magnets in the mating parts.
Adjustable stop to limit switch travel. It is recommend to set the stop at 1.5 times the electrical switch point. Allowing more travel is no concern but setting a tighter limit may result in a latched condition of the switch upon return to rest. Simply re-adjust to correct the latched condition. Eg: if electrical switch point is 0.67mm from rest, set physical stop equal to or greater than 1.0mm
Provision for mounting a wide variety of paddle shapes to suit individual needs.
Precision aluminium mating parts with black anodize.
Titanium pivot pin with krytox lubrication.
Paddles shown for example only, not included in kit.

Supply Voltage: 5-18VDC
Current Consumption: <10ma
Temperature Range: -20 +100C
Weight: 33 grams w/o paddle
Dimensions: L 1.9 W .75 H 1 approx
Provided Switch mount screws: 2x M4x0.7 flathead socket head
Provided Paddle Mounting screws: 2 x 4-40 x 5/16 button head
Provided hex keys for switch travel and paddle securing
Operating force w/ 2" paddle
Approx 1100-1300 grams

Electrical Connection:
Supplied: un-terminated flying lead.
Optional: terminated to suit customer.
Conductors: 3x 28AWG Tefzel wire.
Orange: Vcc
Green: Switched Output:
Signal is low when actuated
pulled up to supply at rest position
Brown: 0v