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DuPont Kevlar Lacing
DuPont Kevlar Lacing

DuPont Kevlar Lacing

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Part Number:RG.WS.KEV380.250

The thinnest binding material available, meaning no more visibility under your DR-25. Kevlar has many advantages and is our preferred binder.

An inherent issue with Kevlar is the typical minimum quantity of 5900' per spool and the cost associated with it. In order to make using this an economically viable option for all of our customers, we now offer Kevlar binder spooled in 250' lengths. 

Authentic DuPont Kevlar

Chemical Name Poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide.

Composition Kevlar® is an aromatic polyamide that is characterized by long rigid crystalline polymer chains. Para refers to the specific linkage position of the aromatic rings. Longitudinal alignment of the hydrogen bonds enables high tensile strength and modulus.

Standard Modulus

Breaking Tenacity  23.0 g/d
Specific Gravity  1.44 Ratio
Elongation @ Break  3.5%
Tensile Modulus  555 g/d
Moisture Regain  5%
Creep  <.03%
Shrinkage  <.02%
Melt Point None
Decomposition Temp 425-480ºC

Key Features

High strength to weight ratio\
Low elongation to break
Good heat & flame resistance
Good chemical resistance
High cut resistance
Excellent ballistic properties

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