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RaceGrade TC8 Thermocouple to CAN
RaceGrade TC8 Thermocouple to CAN

RaceGrade TC8 Thermocouple to CAN

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Part Number:RG TC8

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The RaceGrade TC8 is a CAN based device that reads in up to 8 thermocouple temperature sensors, typically used for EGT, exhaust gas temperature measurement.


  • Small, lightweight & compact package
  • Easy to adapt and wire into any vehicle, just 4 wires; power, ground, CAN high and CAN low.
  • Built in amplifiers for up to 8 channels
  • Splash protection, but not waterproof
  • Input Temp Range: 0 to 1000*C
  • Thermocouple Style: K-type only
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6 to 24vDC
  • Operating Current Draw: < 0.1 Amps
  • Operating Temp Range: -40*C to 120*C
  • Dimensions: 3.5"x2.26"x1.0"
  • Weight: 173 grams
  • Mating Connector: ASL606-05SN
RaceGrade TC8 units are set up for E8xx transmit by default for simplified integration with MoTeC products, the device may be reprogrammed in the house at no additional cost if requested at the time of purchase. 

Alternatively, the device can be reprogrammed externally using RaceGrade Manager v2.01 (here) and a PCAN USB to CAN device. 

Please visit the Documentation section of the website and refer to the RaceGrade TC8 datasheet for more detailed information.


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