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JRR Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 Firmware
JRR Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 Firmware

JRR Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 Firmware

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Part Number:JRR Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 Firmware

JRR Mitsubishi Evolution 4G63 firmware license for MoTeC M1 ECU

If you are a MoTeC dealer or already own an M1 ECU, you can purchase just the firmware license - no ECU purchase required 

This firmware package suits all 4G63 equipped Mitsubishi Evo, as well as other 4G63 engines which use the same crank and cam trigger

Targeted package specific to one engine saves money versus buying GPR

Available for the M130 and M150 ECU. M170 and M190 version available by special order

A paddle shift gearbox control version of this firmware is also available - based on MoTeC GPR-P

This firmware is based upon MoTeC GPR package and includes the following features:

Includes full ACD control - control the center differential system directly from the M1 ECU (some wiring required)

Supports the OE cable throttle/stepper idle control motor or drive by wire conversion

Flex fuel control - adjust fuel, timing, boost, cold start and more based upon ethanol content

Supports running two separate fuel systems - each running a different type of fuel

Nitrous control - various parameters supplied to control nitrous. Includes nitrous bottle heater relay control based on nitrous pressure

CO2/wastegate pressure control - controls a fill/bleed solenoid setup to control wastegate pressure

Water injection control - with failsafe for boost/timing/fuel based on pressure sensor feedback

Air bypass anti-lag control - for increased ALS performance (when used with appropriate engine hardware)

Boost control system allows incorporating turbo shaft speed and turbo compressor inlet pressure into the control strategy

Supports the use of third party lambda controllers with 0-5v output

Supports momentary buttons

Supports direct input from a MoTeC/Racegrade CAN keypad