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Part Number:55-1987

These are typically made to order, and take approx 3 days to receive after you've ordered them.

The Ideal Ergo-Elite Stripmaster® Wire Stripper is a 6-hole blade tool for stripping 16-26 AWG wire Tefzel M22759 wire.

This stripper is specially ordered and suited for Mil-Spec M22759/16 & M22759/32 thru /46 wire.

IDEAL has set the aviation industry s standard in hand-held, precision wire stripping for over 60 years. IDEAL is known for it s innovative one-step squeezeaction stripper and patented blade design. The new Ergo-Elite Stripmaster® Wire Stripper offers the latest light-weight, ergonomically engineered wire stripper for the aerospace industry. The tilted wire stripping head in this sleek 5 oz. design provides better leverage and clear view for wire positioning. The advanced jaw position ensures a quality strip, eliminates potential scraping of the inner conductor, while leaving squared shoulders on a wide range of wire gauges.

  • Ergonomically engineered for superior comfort, balance and control
  • Tool constructed of rigid polyurethane reinforced with carbon fiber providing excellent strength at 40% the weight of metal hand tools
  • NEW unmatched Mil-Spec precision blades with a patented, revolutionary design
  • Tilted head assembly maintains a neutral wrist posture allowing an unobstructed view of wire positioning
  • One-step stripping action, grips, penetrates and removes wire insulation with unmatched precision in one effortless squeeze