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Concentric Twisted Harness - Engine Side
Concentric Twisted Harness - Engine Side

Concentric Twisted Harness - Engine Side

Your Price Each: $499.00
Part Number:M H MSES-MS001A

Concentric twisting refers to the way in which the different layers of wire in the harness are laid up. When you have a lot of wires in a loom, it can be challenging to run them all in a neat fashion and keep flexibility in the loom once it's shrunk with heat shrink. With concentric twisting, there are different layers and direction of the twist of the wires alternates with each layer. That keeps the loom nice and flexible, keeps everything neat and tidy and makes sure that none of the wires in the harness have more stress than others. In the images above, you can see how flexible the loom is. That's important when you are routing it in the chassis around bends and tight radiuses. The proper technique for concentric twisting is a complicated process, so instead of having to learn it we offer it already done for you!

Each harness comes with one half of the harness, the chassis side and the engine side. The chassis side is 48" long and has the 4 bolt flanged connector end of it. The engine side is 72" long and has the twist collar connector on it. All of the terminals on the connector are populated so you have a full connector to start with, preventing the need to buy the costly tooling to crimp the Mil-Spec terminals. A pin-out is provided with each harness half. Included provisions include:

  • Coil (power and signal)
  • Air Temp, Engine Temp, TPS, MAP, Oil Pres
  • Injectors (power and signal)
  • Multiple 12VDC leads
  • Multiple ground leads
  • Multiple 0VDC leads
  • Multiple 5VDC leads
  • 8VDC lead
  • 3+1 Shielded cables for CAM and Crank sensors (signal, 5VDC, 0VDC and drain)
  • Multiple spares!

These are typically in stock. If they are not in stock at the time of order, production time is typically 4-6 weeks from time of purchase. This item is the engine side only.