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Bosch LSM-11 Wideband O2 Sensor (UEGO)

Bosch LSM-11 Wideband O2 Sensor (UEGO)

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Part Number:M 0258 002

Bosch LSM-11 four wire Wideband O2 Sensor ( UEGO ) for legacy systems. 

About this sensor: .This sensor is an older design that is actually a highly tolerant narrow band sensor. In the late 1990's, this was the sensor of choice for aftermarket tuning because no true wideband uego nernst type pump cell sensors were readily available at a reasonable cost. 

For some applications this is an ideal sensor because it simply generates a voltage (as narrow-band sensors do) and does not require the advanced electronics of the Wideband O2 systems using more modern sensors. As such, this sensor is ideal for older or legacy applications where the tuner does not wish to use or cannot use a more modern wideband system as is the case for many ECUs made in the late 1990s and earlier. The LSM11 sensor is the wideband sensor used in most older Motec systems and many other ECUs. 


  • Bosch 0 258 104 002 (Bosch 0258104002)
  • Bosch 0 258 104 005 (Bosch 0258104005)
  • Some Motec ECUs
  • Motec Part Number: 57001
  • Motec [ 57001 ]
  • Some Autronic ECUs
  • Some Autronic Lambda Meters
  • Heating systems - Oil burners, gas burners, coal-fired systems
  • Industrial processes- Packaging and refuse incineration, gassification
  • process engineering
  • Drying installations
  • Gas analysis, O2 portable measuring
  • Humidity measurement
  • Many more applications not listed here

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