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Analogue to CAN-v4
Analogue to CAN-v4

Analogue to CAN-v4

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Part Number:RG A-CAN DG-V4


The Texense 16-Channel Analogue to CAN converter offers users seamless integration into existing or new electrical systems whilst reducing wiring complexity and weight.

With four different configurations, 16-bit resolution and CAN output makes this the perfect interface for logging multi sensor installations.

Housed in a lightweight aluminum enclosure and using the latest half flange Souriau connectors means it s micro packaging lends itself to most car installations.

Factory configurable in the following options:

  • V1 8-channel Wheatstone bridge inputs
  • V2 16-channel Analogue (0 to 5 V) inputs
  • V3 6-channel Analogue (-10 to +10 V) inputs
  • V4 8-channel Analogue (0 to 5 V) and 8-channel PT 1000 temperature inputs

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