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50G Analog Accelerometer
50G Analog Accelerometer

50G Analog Accelerometer

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Part Number:M ADXL-1 50G

Older model 50G Accelerometer Module that has been recently built. 


Acceleration Over-range:                   2000g for 0.1 ms

Input Range:                                         +/- 50 g

Frequency Response:                         0-1600 Hz

Sensitivity – Differential:                    80 mV/g

Max. Mechanical Shock (0.1ms):      2000 g


Power Requirements:

Operating Voltage:                              +4.75 V to +5.25 V

Operating Current:                              8 to 10 mA

Voltage on AOP or AON to GND:      -0.5v to VDD+0.5v

Output Impedance:                             90 O

Power Dissipation:                               250 mW



Operating Temperature:                    -55 to 125 oC

Cable:                                                     26 AWG, foil shielded

Mass (w/o cable):                                8 grams

Cable Mass:                                           25grams/meter

This device experiences positive acceleration (+1g) with its lid facing up in the earth’s gravitational field.


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