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MilSpecWiring is part of MoTeC USA, one of the most respected brands in aftermarket electronics globally. MoTeC USA has been constructing wiring harnesses and cabling for professional motorsports teams, OEM and defense contractors for over 25 years under the RaceGrade brand. MilSpecWiring keeps an inventory over a million dollars in hardware, sensors, accessories, and wiring components. Best of all, everything sold on MilSpecWiring.com is used in-house at MoTeC USA, so you can get your questions answered when other suppliers either can’t or won’t.

MilSpecWiring offers Authorized MoTeC Dealers, FSAE teams, wholesalers and retail customers the products you need all at your fingertips. This allows you to place your orders, check prices, and create your build list for your next wiring project 24/7. From professional race teams to street cars and everything in between, MilSpecWiring has what you need for your project.

MilSpecWiring uses the buying power of MoTeC USA to offer great pricing, a huge selection of in-stock parts, same-day shipping when ordered before 3 pm EST, and support in building your project.

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